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We understand that although exciting, purchasing a property in a foreign land can also be a very daunting experience, especially when you are not familiar with the Laws and Procedures of purchasing a property in Spain.  We will do our utmost to guide you through the Buying Process from “Offer” to “Notary”, and advise you of what Documentation is required to purchase a property in Spain, as well as other compulsory steps you will be required to take before the Notary date.    We aim not only to find you the “Property of Your Dreams”, but also to ensure that you are “well informed” and “feel more at ease” about purchasing a property in Spain. 
If you give Spanish Prime Property the privilege of being your “Individual and Personal Property Finder”, we assure you that you will have made an excellent contact of whom you can confide in.  We work in an equitable and confidential manner, offering you support with a friendly, helpful and honest disposition.  We will make it “Our Mission” to help you to achieve “Your Dream”.
Whether you purchase a property through us or not, our Property Finding Service to you is gratuitous.  In fact, should you purchase a property as a result of our Property Finding Service; we will be compensated by the Owner’s Contact.
Please browse through the properties on the Spanish Prime Property website, however, should you not find exactly what you are looking for, or, if you would prefer that we perform a search of properties on your behalf, please feel free to send your requirements to us by filling in your requests on our Contact Page.
How We Work To Save You Precious Time and Money
We understand that people today live very busy lives, and that every minute of the day is precious.  Allowing us to be your “Individual and Personal Property Finder” could save you countless, exhausting and confusing hours surfing the internet for properties. 
We at Spanish Prime Property are experienced in finding perfect properties for even the most difficult requests, and we will be pleased to do all of the research work for you.  If you ask us to perform a search for you, we can actually save you time, giving you the freedom to do something more interesting or more important to you. 
We assure you that we will not inundate you with abundant, time-wasting e-mail messages containing properties that do not match your requests.  We at Spanish Prime Property are realistic and efficient in finding properties for our clients.  We endeavour to identify your Precise Requirements for your Ideal Property, thus, gathering the exact details required to find the perfect property for you and help you to achieve Your Dream in the least amount of time.  Subsequently, it is possible that we could also save you money that you might otherwise spend on needless journeys to Spain, as well as the added frustration and disappointment of spending hours, or perhaps days, viewing countless properties that do not meet your standards.
Over the years, it has been our experience that when our clients have been forthcoming with their exact requirements, the more successful we have been in finding the “Property of their Dreams”.
The style and size of the property you desire, the area you will want to live in, whether or not you want a private swimming pool or a guest house are all important factors for us to know, however, equally important are your interests, your lifestyle, and how much you truly want to spend on a property. With the intention of finding your “Dream Property” without delay, Spanish Prime Property appreciates receiving this information as well; it is invaluable to us and, helps us immensely in our property searches for the “Ideal” property. 
Once we have identified your exact requirements, we then examine our large database for suitable properties available that will match the requirements that you have submitted to us.  We have a very large database of properties through our “Personal Contacts” and our “Select Property Associates”.  Furthermore, as some Sellers do not wish to have their properties publically advertised, we have access to properties that you will not see advertised on the Internet.  We also have access to properties with a “Rent-to-Buy” Option, as well as some “Distressed” sales (otherwise known as Bank Repossessions).
As soon as we have a collection of properties that we feel meet your specific requirements and needs, we will contact you with various property suggestions, from which you can make a shortlist. 
Once you have presented us with properties you would like to view and, informed us of when you intend to come to Spain to view the properties, we will make all of the viewing arrangements for you and inform you of your viewing schedule. 
During the viewings, we will encourage you to ask as many questions as you wish about any of the properties you visit with us.  If the answers to your questions are not readily available at the time of the visit, we will endeavour to find the answers for you as quickly as possible. We also welcome your honest opinion of the properties you visit, as this information is very useful in helping us determine your likes and dislikes.    It is not in our best interest to sell you any property.  The primary objective of Spanish Prime Property is to find the property that suits your “Exact Expectations and Needs” – “Your Dream Property”.  
Please note that for those interested in properties in Menorca or Mainland Spain, our Property Associates in these areas will be there to guide and assist you.
We at Spanish Prime Property look forward to hearing from you in the near future and helping you to find your “Ideal” Property in Mallorca (Majorca) or Mainland Spain and, achieve “Your Dream”. 
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